High quality powder of dental alloy for 3D technics

2016-03-02 12:02

Scheftner alloy powders for manufacturing of highly complex restorations in the dental sector are made of high quality super alloys. Years of experience in base metal area and the steady development of the conventional casting technique using the CNC milling into powders for additive manufacturing technology, make us a leader in non-precious metals. Our cobalt-chromium alloys allow the production of high-quality restorations in mass production by means of SLM / SLS systems. The use in all existing laser melting systems, gives customers the freedom, crowns and bridges, produce scaffolds for metal ceramic veneers, model casting and primary and secondary parts for combined dentures. The Scheftner metal powder enables the dental technician to work also in the age of digital production technologies with proven dental materials.

Starbond Cos Powder

2016-03-02 12:01

CoCr-dental alloy powder for the production of dental prostheses in the laser melting respectively laser sintering technology. Starbond CoS Powder is based on the proven dental bonding alloy Starbond CoS. The ceramist can continue working in a system with the same alloy components and the same alloy composition and thus the same positive processing characteristics.

Furthermore, the proven powder material Starbond CoS Powder, based on the bonding alloy Starbond CoS, is now in addition to particles sizes ≤ 55 mµ und ≤ 45 mµ also available in the size ≤ 30 and  ≤ 16 mµ.

CoCrWMo milling blank Starbond CoS Disc

2016-03-02 12:00

Besides the established cobalt-chromium-tungsten-molybdenum milling blank Starbond CoS Disc, additional Scheftner materials are now available for the dental CNC milling center.

Starbond Easy Disc, developed from a cobalt-chromium-tungsten ceramic alloy, and Mogucera C Disc, developed from a cobalt-chromium-molybdenum ceramic alloy, complement the portfolio of milling centers and is giving dental technicians / milling centers the option to select an alloy with a composition similar to the alloy already used by the dental technician and dentist.


Scheftner currently offers milling centers and OEM partners the world's largest selection of milling blanks of non-precious metal cobalt-based alloys from a single source.